Advantages + Disadvantages

  • CopyLeft software and open content are usually free of charge and have lower consulting fees compared with proprietary software
  • After purchasing a CopyLefted program, you have the right to customize it your company’s needs
  • Modified software that is upgraded and updated by the developer community is available to your company
  • Since CopyLefted software is available, Copyrighted software has to compete in price and efficiency (more bang for your buck)
  • Customized software cannot be claimed as one’s own and the source code must always be attached when being distributed
  • CopyLeft laws are complex and full of legal terms, which deters some companies from using CopyLefted software
  • CopyLeft forces future usages of the products to remain free and open to the community to modify
  • The original author of the product may have a conflict with the future uses of the original product